Here is a list of small simple tools that I have written that I tend to carry from place to place. I have put them on the web to make such porting easier:
  • arepl - an ancient C search and replace utility (also rewritten in C++)
  • xmsg - An X11 message display program
  • wi - a fixed version of which
  • waitfor - waits until specified time then executes command (a python script)
  • bl - perl script to print source with blank lines tidied up
  • remind - X11 reminder popup
  • GNU emacs startup - a sample .emacs file
  • xemacs startup - a sample .xemacs file
  • snprintf.c - an snprintf implementation
  • .xinitrc - xinitrc for cygwin/X11
Here are some tools written by others that I make available on my website to make it easier for me to grab them from a corporate environment. Such environments sometimes block access to free software and open source software download sites (sigh).
  • xxdiff - X11 graphical file compare