Publications, mostly book reviews for ACCU.

Joomla! 3 explained: Your step-by-step guide. January 2015 ACCU book review, published in CVu 26-6.
Arduino In Action. January 2014 ACCU book review.
Beginning Hibernate - From Beginning To Professional ??? ACCU book review.
Tapestry in Action by Howard M Lewis ??? ACCU book review, published in CVu 17-6.
Review of JBOSS 4.0 - The Official Guide ??? ACCU book review, published in CVu 19-4.
FRUCTOSE - a C++ Unit Test Framework 2007 Feb Overload (ACCU) article about the design and rationale for yet another C++ unit test framework.
Review of Designing for the user with OVID by Dave Roberts 2005 Apr ACCU book review, published in CVu April 2005.
Review of .NET Framework Essentials by Hoang Q. Lam and Thuan Thai 2005 Apr ACCU book review, published in CVu April 2005.
My Final Year OU Degree project 2003 Nov This project explores the factors that govern the suitability of Neural networks (NNs) or Knowledge based systems (KBSs) for classifying objects from a particular dataset and combines the NN and KBS techniques.
Review of Component Software 2nd Ed by Clemens Szyperski 2003 Oct A review I did for the ACCU which was published in the October 2003 edition of CVu. This was my first book review.
proposal.pdf 2001 Dec A proposal to add static checking to C++ exception specifications. This is a proposal for adding single-level progation static checked exception specifications to C++. This was discussed on USENET on comp.lang.c++.moderated around December 2001. I have since withdrawn the proposal for various reasons but I have decided to ensure that the document is still available. This is because it is potentially useful for referral if the issue of static checking of C++ exception specifications is every raised on USENET again.

There are a few changes I plan to make to this page.

  • I have done several book reviews for the ACCU but only some of them are online. The ACCU book review pages are being reorganised (so I am told) and these extra reviews will be available at some point. When they are I will link to them from here.
  • At one time I did plan to revise the proposal for static exception checking. It was reviewed by a colleague, Tom Tanner, when I worked at Bloomberg. He made some very helpful suggestions which I aimed to incorporate in another version bcause the subject just keeps on coming up on USENET. Also, see the ACCU article by Ken Hagen. However, I am now thinking again about this. My development effort has shifted to java recently and this has made me look much more closely at Java exceptions. I came across an article by Bruce Eckel which indicates that checked exceptions hurt rather than help. I want to update my thoughts on strong exception checking in C++ but am now in turmoil.