My own projects

Here are my own projects, hosted on SourceForge.
LAUM Development has stalled. I hoped it would eventually it will be a suite of applications to help in the administration of groups of machines.
FRUCTOSE wrote an LGPL'd C++ unit test framework. It gets minor updates every now and then.
Cyclic Logs wrote a GPL'd package to provide cyclic logfiles
depdot wrote a GPL'd command to show cyclic dependencies among libraries

Projects I have contributed to

DoxyPress (alternative to Doxygen) A rewrite of Doxygen in modern C++ using Copperspice. I have helped out with testing and bug reports.
Poco (C++ foundation classes) Improving the Process class, the test framework and extending the tests for the Date class.
Apache Ant LaTeX Ant Manual (this is somewhat out of date now but still the only version available as a PDF)
ACE Submitted minor fixes to ACEXML, expanded the tutorial example 015 about how to use ACE with compressed streams using zlib
OpenSSL Working on compression performance enhancements
ASN.1 My investigations into the availability of Open Source ASN.1 tools
MICO The MICO CORBA Orb A few minor fixes, particularly with the mini-STL distributed with earlier versions of MICO