Vote against them all.

There is a web site dedicated to showing exactly how to spoil your ballot paper so that we send the message in the clearest possible way. It also discusses the subject in much greater depth than here.

UK politicians: the lies, stealing, fraud, violence.

This may seem to be stating the patently obvious but nontheless, I have collected a few pieces of evidence here.

The lies

The stealing

The fraud

The violence

The UK is broke

The UK is a totalitarian state

Examples of the totalitarian oppression are given below. But what can anyone do about it? One answer is -- spoil your ballot paper! This is the the closest you will ever get to vote against them all. It is much better than not voting: silence is presumed consent.

The database state - refuse to be numbered, go to jail

The database that the government are using to use to poke their nose into the affairs of every UK resident is far more evil than the actual identity cards themselves. See the anti-ID card web site for more details. Do your bit and join NO2ID today.

Arthur Chappell wrote some fictional horror scenarios which give a terrifying look into the very near future. Unfortunately these are no longer available on-line. He has made them available in his book ID CARD UK, but you will have to pay for it.

The route to jail for refusing to produce an ID card on demand will not be direct. A large fine will be imposed. You then go to jail for not paying the fine.

Private email communication - refuse to decrypt, go to jail (RIPA)

As we know, email is not private. It takes umpteen store-and-forward hops across the network before it completes it journey from my machine to yours (and vice versa) and it is in plaintext all the way. But email easily can be made private, using public key cryptography. Unless you live in the UK. The UK have a law called RIPA, the Regulation of Investigative Powers Act, which makes it risky to use techology such as PGP and/or GPG. RIPA gives the government the power to force your private key from you. Refuse and you go to jail for two years. If you tell the other party that communication has now been compromised (the "tipping off" offence) then the jail term is increased to five years. See the scenarios described by Dr C.H.Lindsey for the nasty things in store. Below is an ongoing list of people sent to jail so far, due to this evil law:
  • "JFL" was sentenced to 9 months in prison for refusing to disclose his private key. See the article at The Register for details (reported 24th November 2009).
  • An animal rights activist was served with a RIPA decryption notice as of November 2007. See the article at the Register for details.

IT consultancy companies - declare a profit, go to jail

Wikipedia has an impartial entry on IR35, for those that have never heard of it. See the PCG (Professional Contractors Group) for the perspective of the independent consultant. See the blog of Mark Pearce for a view that is much closer to my own. Basically, as with most tax laws, non-payment of tax they deem is due results in a jail term (after the usual warnings, threatening letters, etc).

You have lost the right to silence, to protest etc

See this article from The Guardian for a list of some of the evil things that Labour have done since 1997.

The UK and Europe

Europe? Just say "No". There is a great YouTube clip of UKIP at its best, especially when it comes to The Brown Bottom.

More ranting

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