Andrew Marlow
Call any day 9am-7pm
Mobile: 07966-451-521


I provide help and advice in the following areas:


  •   Setting up the PC/laptop

How to navigate around your computer

How to install find and run the programs you want

  • Using Windows 7

Buying things online (Amazon, EBay)

Watching films

listening to music

Playing games

  • Using folders and files

Get organised and find your stuff easily

What to do if you lose your stuff (backups)

  • Keeping in touch with friends

Creating and using new email accounts

Social media (Facebook, twitter)

Instant messaging

Skype for international phone calls

  • Office software

Word processing, spreadsheets, presentations

  • anti-virus and security

Surfing the web safely

What are the threats/dangers?

Are my passwords safe?

  • Troubleshooting

Why is my machine slow?

Why won't it save my file?

What do these strange error messages mean?

  • Building websites



  • Learning computer programming

Get instant results with python!

Java, the language for professionals

C++ for hardcore nerds